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Uncover Contact Center Insights Across Teams

Enhanced Quality Monitoring (eQM) helps teams across departments gain insight into contact center interactions and get unprecedented transparency to ensure compliance, improve performance, and deliver exceptional customer experiences — all with guidance from our team of experts.

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Whether your contact center is focused on medical information, access and reimbursement, sales, or patient support, eQM gives teams across your organization actionable insights and expert guidance to achieve their goals.

Get insights faster and at scale with Discover™

We've partnered with industry-leading artificial intelligence platform CallMiner to develop Discover. With Discover, we can monitor more contact center interactions, deliver valuable insights faster, and achieve program ROI sooner.

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Enhanced Quality Monitoring

What is enhanced Quality Monitoring?

With our three-part eQM solution, pharma leaders can identify gaps and opportunities across contact center programs, operations, and customer experience. Whether you go through the cycle once or many times, our eQM solution is constantly evolving to meet your changing needs.


Quality Monitoring Program Design

We draw on our team's vast pharma experience to help you get the most value from your contact center.

Assess your current contact center program.

Reconfigure your contact center to ensure alignment with business goals.

Monitor contact center performance to identify opportunities for improvement.


Quality Monitoring Processing

We combine our pharma expertise and innovative technology solutions to gather, evaluate, and report call monitoring data to maximize the value of your contact center.

Our FDA-validated call monitoring software, COMET, ensures you meet regulatory and compliance standards.

Our human-in-the-loop approach uses a combination of AI and monitoring specialists to gather more accurate data from contact center interactions.

Our artificial intelligence enhancement, Discover, monitors more contact center interactions to deliver insights faster.


3D Insights™ and Guidance

We deliver actionable, three-dimensional insights at the agent, program, and customer levels so pharma leaders can make proactive decisions with guidance from our team of experts.

Agent insights evaluate performance and identify opportunities for growth.

Program insights identify program-wide gaps and training opportunities across your contact center, brand, therapeutic area, single team, or any other data set.

Customer insights capture key information about patients, healthcare providers, and caregivers — removing siloes across your organization to give you full transparency into your customers.

QM for an organization this size is almost an impossible task without the right partnership and expertise. Centerfirst is the right partner with the right expertise.

-Client Quality Manager

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