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Our Technology

Our innovative technology solutions help our clients secure reliable, FDA-compliant insights about their contact center performance at scale.

Discover™ AI Analysis

Discover AI helps Centerfirst clients monitor more contact center interactions by identifying opportunities to improve program efficiencies and boost ROI. Our AI solutions can be developed and deployed quickly to uncover valuable contact center insights that drive revenue and improve customer experience.

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Automate common monitoring tasks to promote program efficiencies, which can reduce overall program costs.

Get macro-level insights on agent performance, program opportunities, and customer sentiment whether you're analyzing a sample or an entire universe of interactions.

See faster ROI with cost-effective solutions for monitoring and analyzing contact center performance at scale.

Centerfirst COMET

COMET is an advanced call monitoring software available exclusively to Centerfirst’s pharma clients who are seeking to maximize the value of their contact centers by simplifying and streamlining the way they collect, evaluate, and report call monitoring data.

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Secure Online Access

Hosted on a HIPAA-compliant server and accessible via any user device.

Automated Audit Trail

Changes within the system are automatically tracked by date, time, and user credentials.

Rapid Reporting

Monitoring forms and reports are standardized for pharma and easily modified for your center.

Validated for Pharma

The only validated monitoring tool available today.

Find the right technology solution for your contact center.

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